You can do it to images and more I think ... Also btw you can style it if you make it a TOOLTIP instead

how to do the "previous page" stuff & etc
[previous page](browser:back)
[next section](section:next)
[previous section](section:previous)

Don't hotlink cuz these might explode...

I have no orange dividers

Or yellow ones

No purples either ... sorry ...


Yellow / off white / tan / brown

Black and gray

Wip perhaps

Hi guys it's me Joseph he/she pronouns I like to make carrds but the other resource carrds I just didn't like so I made my own because I'm awesome
Be my friend! I don't bite :3

Tips on how to make your carrds better and less annoying
Work in progress just wait until I get more bitter

Style for your mobile friends if you're using embeds!! You can do so here It's so easy all you have to do is just put it after your last style (see image here just copy whatever style you had before for that specific element and grab your phone and edit the bottom section accordingly so it doesn't look like balls. Take advantage of carrds built in resizer too.

If you're thinking about upgrading your carrd plan (use my code btw) please do not get pro lite. It is a waste of your money. I recommend pro standard if you're new and pro plus if you already know the ins and outs of coding

Anyone can ask or answer but please be nice crd community